New Homes

CWD takes a very unique approach to your new home. With CWD your new home is completely custom and limitless to the number of options that you can choose from. From the design stage, through ground breaking and completion, CWD will work directly with you, the homeowner, to ensure that your dream home is exactly what you want. CWD ensures that your new home is built with quality materials, construction methods and talented professionals. The entire CWD crew starts your new home with the understanding of what you want
and upon completion you will have a masterpiece to host family memories for
a lifetime. Check out a few of the newest homes completed by the CWD crew in the gallery section and be sure to contact CWD to get yours started today.

Homes/Offices Additions

CWD is ready to add square footage and style in your new kitchen, family room or master bedroom today. With the right approach and proper planning, an
addition can be a great asset to any home and look as if it has always been there. The CWD distinction is the extra consideration in making your addition look like an integral part of the existing home and maximizing its potential. As families grow, an addition may be the answer to your changing needs for space. From one room to an new wing on your house, CWD has the experience and expertise to make those plans a completed space. Browse the photo gallery for new ideas and be sure to contact CWD to get started today.


CWD started as a remodeling and restoration company and has been creating safe, healthy and beautiful transformations for over 25 years. From the moment the homeowner dreams of a new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, CWD will
make that dream come true for a lifetime. The CWD approach to remodeling takes great consideration for the homeowner’s living space and will go the extra mile to limit the disturbance to the homeowner. CWD has an extensive resume on all types of remodeling projects from small to large. Be sure to visit the gallery section to spark your next big idea and contact CWD today to get started.

Endless Possibilities

CWD has the ability to meet all of your construction needs. The CWD crew
has an extensive resume that expands beyond the general tasks of construction. The distinction at CWD is the flexibility to work with the customer on all levels
to meet all of the individual project needs. From small commercial projects to custom finish carpentry, the CWD crew is ready to turn your dreams into a
reality. No matter what your project entails contact CWD today to discuss all
of the possibilities.

Professional References

CWD has built relationships with some of the best and most talented
professionals in the industry. These professionals hold themselves to the same standards of craftsmanship, respect, and honor as the CWD crew. Please contact CWD to get a list of their recommended professionals for your next project.